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To riders everywhere: We thank you.


We thank you for riding your bike when others would drive their car. For teaching your kids that helmets are cool. For leaving the trail in the same condition you found it. For giving a complete stranger your last tube to get home. For waking up earlier on a Sunday to ride, than on a Monday to work. For letting yourself get lost, so you can find the perfect trail. For riding in the wind, rain, cold and heat and never questioning why.


It’s because of you that we have the opportunity to do what we love – bringing great bikes and accessories to you, the riders. Thank you from everyone here at Jett Cycles.

Born out of a need for a better product, Jett Cycles bikes and products are designed and developed right here in our Vietnam HQ by our team and are purpose built to meet the rigorous demands of riders everywhere. Value-packed, innovative, affordable products make up the foundation that Jett Cycles is built on.

Operating from our office in Saigon, with warehousing in both the south and north of Vietnam, our goals are simple. Supply only the best quality products, on-time and at the best prices; Back everything we sell and say with the best possible service, warranties and technical support; build all our bikes with only the best components from the world’s top brands; make cycling more accessible and enjoyable; always lead, never follow.

Our involvement with cycling goes much farther than just the products. We are cyclists and riding is in our DNA. The products, streets and trails you ride, we ride, and we’re committed to getting more people involved and on bikes. Check out the Jett Community here, or on our Facebook page, for info about our next ride, event or demo-day. We hope to see you out there.

The Blender

Mix creativity, passion and talent – blend vigorously. Serve often.

The Blender Design Studio is a place where function finds form, concepts are transformed into designs and products gain their identity The Blender is the creative force behind Jett – the product, the company and the community.

In the Blender, a collective of designers, each with their own area of expertise but united by their passion for cycling; create every product from the ground up. Starting from 3D modeling, to product and packing mock-ups, graphics and even the stores and fixtures to hold them.

Look for products carrying The Blender mark and know that every bit as much effort and passion was put into making them, as you put into using them.

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+84 28 541 65188